Three of the most fun things about writing ‘Blue’ was interviewing the industry pro’s, writing the tips for each chapter and digging deep into the depths of my elephant like memory to recap the true stories related to each chapter.

What I found, certainly for the tips and the true stories was that with the exception of a few, most of what I learnt could be relayed outside of the fashion industry. For example:

– Don’t be too proud to take advise

– Respect local cultures

– Keeping your cool when face to face with an icon,


– Never date a co-worker.

So I decided that over the next few months, I would take these tips and stories one step further and compile a ‘blog-a-logue’ of sound bites and snippets which I have discovered along the way which I think could be useful to pass onto fashion industry peeps, or just those who want to have a laugh at my misfortune or occasional case, glory. Some of the tips will help you get organised in your job, some will help you get ahead and some will make you attack a problem from a different angle. All, I hope, will be useful in some way.

But for now that’s it. This mini-postage was just an intro before I launch weekly into an avalanche of pearls of fashion wisdom and wall kicking mistakes that never happen twice.

So until next time,  I will leave you with this comment from an industry professional. A man who has been in the industry for 30+ years and has built international brands from the ground up. Sure he can be high maintenance but with his background, he’s allowed to be.

“Fashion is an industry built on emotion”

Remember that!

All tips, interviews and some of the stories can already be found in Blue is the New Black.