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“Although disciplined in planning and budgets, Susie understands the design process, striking balance between the creative and business teams that come to form a collection”
“Susie is very well respected both internally and externally. An inspirational example of how to build and maintain professional relationships.”
“Susie is a rock. She will take on an impossible project and cut it up into manageable chucks and then make it happen.”
“Susie is a fantastic speaker and a great resource for anyone in the apparel industry, but particularly for those seeking more information on developing a line / brand and what that entails.”


As an industry expert in product development and production, I am highly motivated and focused on delivering the best product for my clients.

With over 25 years in the business and a leaning towards start ups, and new division builds, I prefer to take the road less travelled and am attracted to companies and projects which have a non-traditional business model, product or approach.


Co-Lab54 is an international consultancy specializing in strategic product development and production solutions for the apparel industry.

The sole focus of the company is to enable a collaborative process between myself and the brand or individual to combine my experience with their vision.

Whether you are a Startup or an established brand, I will enable your vision to succeed by means of strategic planning, sourcing and process implementation.

The meaning behind the name:
Co-lab : Collaboration
54: Latitude of my hometown.


Areas of Expertise

Feasibility studies on product development proposals,

Strategic assistance on key team hires,

Budget creation for development / production cycles,

Collection range planning,

Key dates / T&A calendar creation,

Strategic production planning,

Creation of short and long term sourcing strategies.

Trumaker & Co, San Francisco : Development and production set up, collection expansion, fit improvement program:
Calvin Klein Europe BV, Amsterdam : Divisional set up European Platinum line. 
Seilenna, Swimwear NYC : Production coordination
Karl Lagerfeld Europe BV, Amsterdam : Divisional set up, team build, and PLM implementation.
Tommy Hilfiger Europe BV, Amsterdam: Collection management for New York Runway line.

Blue is The New Black

Blue is the New Black: The 10 Step Guide to Developing and Producing a Fashion Collection

In 2012, I wrote the book Blue is The New Black. My motivation was to give graduates and industry starters a context of the industry, which I felt, was missing.

Written for fashion graduates, newbie entrepreneurs and those in entry-level positions in the industry, Blue is the New Black demystifies the process of how to make a fashion collection accessible for all levels.

Since publication, the book has sold over 10,000 copies, has been reprinted 3 times and has been used as the course structure at AMFI, a teaching aid at Polimoda, and F.I.T NY, and as a reference tool within Tommy Hilfiger Europe.

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Workshop & Resources

Co-Lab54 + CreativeLive.com


E-Learning Workshop ‘Diversify Your Product Line’

Learn the fundamentals of product development, sourcing  and the art of building a cohesive collection

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