What do you mean by Information flow?

The creation, design, development and production of a collection involve the generation, sharing and distribution of a huge amount of information. The information flow from the start of the development process to the end of production is a crucial element for the successful internal workings of the brand and for the external relationships with the factories, trim suppliers and customers.



  • In development and production you need to manage the flow of information. If you don’t consider yourself organized or able to multi task, choose a different area of the business.
  • Writing up technical information needs to be clear and precise. Never make assumptions that the factory understands; check and double-check everything until they are clear.
  • As the development matrix is the hub for the style information, keep it updated and without error, as it will reduce problems at a later stage. This is your responsibility.
  • If you are using more than one factory, be careful when sending the matrix to them. Filter the sheet so that only the information relevant to that factory goes out.
  • If more than one person uses the planning sheets and you are concerned about other people changing details without your knowledge, password protect it so only you can change details.

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Susie / Co-lab54.com