Plate spinning didn’t come naturally to me – in fact I think it’s fair to say that it took a few years for me to perfect the art of keeping 3 or more projects in the air at any one time.

Sorry – did you think I meant ACTUAL plate spinning? Ah- no – I would happily leave that world record to David Spathaky and his lovely assistant Debbie, I know what my strengths are and 108 ceramic discs is too many for me to even contemplate..

So – back to the point, I have, over the past few weeks sent you weekly snips of my fashion findings and opinions, some of which you like and some of which you don’t, fair enough!

But in all this time I don’t believe I have actually told you who I am and what I do? Now there is a big assumption from my side that you actually care, but whatever, it is my duty now on this sunny Wednesday to share some details about the workings behind Fashion Sausage and its mothership Co-Lab54.

Born in January 2011 to a 40 something female and an overly enthusiastic Jack Russell dog, Co-Lab54 was founded as a consultancy to work in the fashion industry to assist companies large and small with planning, product development, strategy and production. The idea stemmed from an idea of writing a guide to the fashion industry, to workshops based on some of the books chapters to project work for fashion brands. With a long time goal of being able to switch from project to project, a small idea is growing quite quickly to take up many hours and much brainpower.

Unable to fit everything into the number of days in a week, the adrenaline of plate spinning is a joy, albeit a stressful joy, as deadlines loom and new ideas pop into my head at hideously early time of the morning.

Currently working on the second draft of the book with the proposal done and out with publishers, the 2nd draft needs much work and focus to develop, embellish and detail.

A consultancy project for an international Sportswear brand is in full flow and demands focus, brainpower and the ability to remember a unfeasubliy large amount of fabric codes and deadline dates At times I feel my brain is imploding on itself. But this is nothing compared to the workshops that are trapped in ‘idea format’ in a separate part of the brain ( the creative side I’m hoping) still needing to be developed and stretched.

As I’m not one for dull workshops, in my eyes they need to be interactive, focused and fun. Try adding these three words ro Range Planning and you have my conundrum. “Don’t give me problems, give me solutions!” my subconscious yells at itself.

Ah- but they will evolve, as will draft two of the book, as will more projects: but for now, my headphones are in place, Goldfrapp chimes on and the heat from the speedy typing powers Co-Lab towers.

More as and when….